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Podcast of Natalie & Michal from Simon Willis


Another great podcast from Simon Willis

“With just 3 years paddling experience, Czech couple Michal and Natalie Maderova paddeld around Britain and in this podcast they share some great tales. It’s the second of three circumnavigation 2012 podcasts and might be one of the best I’ve recorded (all down to them not me). Bonus material includes photos and video of the ‘hitch hiking seal’ only in the APP version. ”

Visit to Tyneham Village June 2012

Last june we visited Tyneham Village. “Tyneham was a thriving rural community until it was taken over by the army during World War II when the entire population was evacuated, never to return. Most of the village is now in ruins, but the school room is still laid out as it would have been in the 1940’s”

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Tyneham is situated five miles by road east of Kimmeridge, nestled in a remote valley reached via the army ranges. (The information was taken from the Rough Guides to Dorset, Hampshire & the Isle of Wight)
It is an amazing place well worth a visit.

Update Wednesday 11th. April

Update Wednesday 11th. April

Natalie & Michal this morning resumed their journey after two days in Brighton. One day to rest and do some shopping and get a new kayak trolley. Yesterday, they aborted their departure as the weather was against them and decided to enjoy one more day in Brighton as the forecast was better for the next day. Tonight they are near Littlehampton.