Meeting Susannah and Tim Gent

We were having a great time at The Bushcraft Show but the highlight for us was meeting Susannah and Tim Gent. Having read many of his articles over the years and recently his book ” Canoe Camping” which I reviewed in Amazon (see previous post for details). The book and the articles have been a source of inspirations and escape to the outdoors.image5.JPG

We were amazed by Tim skills a built a canoe using hazel wood branches and some waterproof fabric.



In the afternoon he tested his craft.





Podcast of Natalie & Michal from Simon Willis


Another great podcast from Simon Willis

“With just 3 years paddling experience, Czech couple Michal and Natalie Maderova paddeld around Britain and in this podcast they share some great tales. It’s the second of three circumnavigation 2012 podcasts and might be one of the best I’ve recorded (all down to them not me). Bonus material includes photos and video of the ‘hitch hiking seal’ only in the APP version. ”