Holiday in Sweden / Finland

A few photos of  village of Karesuando in Sweden



The old church was built in 1816


Karesuando is the northernmost church village in Sweden, 250 km north of the Artic circle and 180 km from the nearest town, Kiruna

DSCN1929.jpgThe population of Karesuando is 350 people, including the other villages  1200 people.

Karesuando is one of the main saami areas and most saami live on reindeer keeping with hunting, fishing and handicraft for additional income. The saami’s country is called Sápmi and covers the whole of northern Scandinavia, including northern Russia. ( information taken from the tourist office)

Huskie sledding in the wilderness

Views from a novice musher.


Thanking our dogs for a great experience an amazing scenery through the forest





I loved driving our own dogsled and Beryl truly enjoyed the experience as a passenger. We had a team of 5 huskies it was a wonderful and magical time . The huskies we were using were highly trained. We took a circular route through the forest, we were part of a small  group( consisting of 5 sleds) and we had a couple of guides with us that were on hand to explain what to do on some of the more challenging  parts of the itinerary. Such as,  a couple  steep down hills the speed even using the break pad  was very scary. Driving the sled  is quite a physical task you need a fair level of fitness as you need to get off the sled and help the dogs push up steep hills. Also, because of the fresh snow whilst riding along you need to use one of your feet  to keep clearing the snow away which gathers in the brake pad and slows the sleigh down.