Tue 6th Dec 2011
7:30pm – £8 on the door
or £12 – Paddle & Presentation with the Legacy Course open 6-7pm
Lee Valley White Water Centre
Station Road
Waltham Cross
Herts EN9 1AB
t: 08456 770606

The BIG-O movie tour program takes about 90 minutes. 5 films will be shown, plus Q&A sessions.

From the Big O Studios the Adventure Kayaking Show trailer in English

Here’s the programme:
Ecuador – Jungle Adventure
Olaf Obsommer is fascinated by the primeval forest with all its plants and animals since a long time. When he and his team faced the challenges of »the gorge of holy waterfalls« on Rio Upano, things started to get serious. For Obsommer one of the pinnacles of his paddling career: »Rio Upano is Ecuador’s biggest head stream of the mighty Amazon. I brought home tons of amazing footage from South America, wild animals and spectacular scenery from this trip.«

Galapagos – Big Boss on holidays
Olaf shares his trip of a lifetime to the last paradise on earth with us. Sea lions, marine turtles, albatross, iguanas and many more exotic animals will fascinate the audience.

Mexico – a real river god
On their never-ending quest for the ultimate river god Olaf and the A-list of international kayaking travelled to Mexico’s Agua Azul. Here they found amazing whitewater, committing waterfalls and indescribable landscapes. Not only the whitewater paddlers will be thrilled by this segment – also the landlubbers will feel the adventurous spirit of this trip.

California – shattered dreams
California is known as the Eldorado of steep creeking action. Every ambitious kayaker dreams about a trip to the High Serrias in the »Golden State«. But sometimes the weather just pees on your parade. A severe winter with a lot of snow issued a totally new challenge to the group and the boys had to learn that not every wish comes true.

Canada – Tatshenshini River
The »Tat« is a must-do for every canoeist. Approachable only by boat this remote river flows through the Canadian territory of British Columbia and Yukon. Grizzly-Bears and white-tailed eagles line the banks, majestic glaciers cover the surrounding mountains. After the Tatshenshini joins the Alsek River this crosses the US border and flows into the Pacific Ocean. For this trip Olaf teamed up with some friends to enjoy the rough beauty of North America and to shoot footage for his latest adventure documentary. This time it was not about the extreme but about the divine natural setting.


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