Kayaks on the Shetland Bus

Olly Hicks, Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick are attempting the first North Sea crossing in Kayaks.
Shetland – 388 Kilometres – Norway



Start 16th July 2011

Time to go


If you can support us with just £3.88, that’s just 1p per kilometre or the price of one drink it will make our effort, and misery, worthwhile!

Patrick Winterton, Mick Berwick and Olly Hicks , all seasoned adventurers take on their toughest challenge to date as they attempt to make the first ever kayak crossing from Scotland to Norway. They will follow in the wake of the Shetland Bus heroes from WW2. Norwegian fishermen who made repeated crossings of the North Sea in the worst conditions to ferry arms and agents into Norway and take refugees out.

Their journey starts on 15th July 2011 and will celebrate the seafaring skills and survival capabilities of the Norwegians and remember those who perished.

We aim to raise in excess of £15000 for the RNLI and The Make a Wish Foundation.

We’re hoping that loads of people, particularly paddlers, donate very small amounts (£3.88) rather a few people giving loads.

We don’t need to tell anyone that three nights in a kayak on the North Sea in a single kayak won’t be much fun. We hope you’ll make our misery worthwhile and help us help them. Many thanks.

The Plan
Route Transport Date Distance
Shetland – Norway Kayak 16 – 22 July 2011 388km
Weather permitting the three paddlers will leave Lerwick on 16th July 2011. They will go directly to Lunna Voe, the base for the Shetland Bus, and then start the unsupported crossing to Norway stopping only at the Out Skerries for a brief rest. The first section of the crossing will be done as a team. With 44 Nautical miles to go the team will split and make a race for the ‘Shetland Bus’ commemorative statue in the centre of the city of Bergen. This is to signify the number of men lost and recognize the heroic efforts of so many of the Norwegian fishermen who survived despite the fact that their boats were sunk by enemy aircraft.

It is unlikely that our average speed will be in excess of 5 kph (2.5 knotts) and therefore the team is preparing for a minimum of three nights out on the waves.
The Method
Each team member will prepare a standard single sea kayak carrying enough supplies of food and water for seven days. Sat phones, satellite trackers, GPS, EPIRB, flares, dry suits, are compulsory . Throughout the crossing sat-phone contact will be made with base every 6 hours to pin point position. We expect to get between 2-4 hours rest in each 24 hour period.

As far as possible we will drink every 20 minutes, eat every hour and take a twenty minute cat nap every four hours. The best way to stay warm at night is to paddle but that is also the best way to make yourself seasick. We’ll probably try to sleep through the darkest 2-3 hours provided it is calm enough to do so. Insulated cockpits, Blizzard Survival heat packs and Reed kayak tents will provide the heat we need.

Contact Patrick on 07803 264734 or email at patrickwinterton@btinternet.com
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